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1 Inch by 6 Inch Tile

Designer Handmade Borders

These 1"x6" tiles make great borders, and can be used to create frames for other tiles. Also included in the category are coordinating 1"x1" tiles which are meant to be combined with 1"x6" tiles to create corners.

1"x6" Handmade Art Tiles
  • 1x6 Border Handmade Field Tile
    1 inch by 6 inch handmade field tile in autumn glaze


  • Circles 1x6 Border
    Circles Tile 1x6 Handmade Tile Leaf Green Glaze


  • Diamonds 1x6 Border
    Diamonds 1x6 Handmade Ceramic Tile Watercolor Blue Glaze


  • Ellipse 1x6 Border
    Ellipse 1x6 Handmade Ceramic Tile Watercolor Blue Glaze


  • Key 1x6 Border
    Key 1x6 Handmade Ceramic Tile Leaf Green Glaze


  • Leaves 1x6 Border
    Leaves 1x6 Handmade Ceramic Tile Autumn Glaze


  • Ribbon 1x6 Border
    Ribbon Tile 1x6 Handmade Ceramic Tile Watercolor Blue Glaze


  • Wave 1x6 Border
    Wave Tile 1x6 Handmade Ceramic Tile White Glaze


Handmade Tile Glazes

Click to enlarge ceramic handmade glaze image

ceramic handmade tile glaze image

Glazes for handmade ceramic tile carried by Emu Tile

Your handmade tiles can be glazed in any of the glaze styles shown. Mix selections or pick one glaze for all the tile to match.

It's up to you.

See larger image of glazes available