A Custom Tile for McKay Bricker Gallery

McKay Bricker Gallery, in Kent, Ohio has been very good to me. I am extremely grateful for all that gallery owners Cass and Bob have done to promote my art over the years, so I decided to express my appreciation by making a handmade tile version of their ubiquitous oval shaped Black Squirrel logo. If you live in Northeast Ohio you have almost certainly seen the design. Here in Kent, it seems as though ever other car has one of these bumper stickers:

oval squirrel tile kent ohio

(this is the one on my car!)

Tree of Life Kitchen

It has been way too long since I have posted customer installation pictures! Especially since I have been sitting on some really nice ones, including these:

handmade tiles in a black and white traditional kitchen

This pretty kitchen features a classic color palette of white, black and gray. The backsplash is a consists a combination of painted wood paneling and tile. The tile above the cook top is a mix of natural stone and ceramic tile. The centerpiece is a 6"x6" "Tree of Life" tile made by yours truly. Here is a closer look:

handmade tile kitchen backsplash

artTILE 2014 at indigenous gallery

Oh my goodness, I can hardly believe that May is almost over and I haven't posted this yet. It is a great honor for me to be included in the talented group of tile artists whose work is currently being shown at indigenous gallery in Cincinnati, OH. Fortunately, the show runs through June 15th, so there is still time to check it out!

artTILE 2014 indigenous gallery Cincinnati ohio

For more information, visit

JF Tile & Stone Studio in Carson City, NV

I am happy to add JF Tile & Stone Studio in Carson City, NV to the list of galleries who carry my work. JF Tile is a small business run by the talented Jeannie Fung-Donaire, a woman who appreciates unique and handmade tiles and knows how to integrate them into her clients homes. 

JF Tile and Stone

If you live near Carson City and are not sure where to begin on your tile project, make sure you pay a visit to their sunny showroom.

Ten New Tiles

I have been busy! I just added 10 brand new tiles to my online store. Ok, only one of them is a completely new design, but all ten of them have never before been available in these sizes. I resized many old favorites, including the woodpecker which now comes in the 2"x2" size:

handmade small woodpecker tile in green glaze

Gifts from the Heart of Nature 2013

If you live in Northeast Ohio, I want to let you know that the Holden Arboretum’s annual art show & fundraiser begins this weekend! If you are interested in supporting one of the largest botanical gardens in the United States, AND local artists, this show is for you. The event kicks off with a preview party this Friday, November 15th from 3-8pm, then will be open from Saturday, Nov. 16 through Sunday, Jan. 5, 9am – 5pm everyday day except Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve & Day, and New Year’s Eve & Day. 

gifts from the heart of nature 2013 postcard holden arboretum

Wild Cat Bath

This bathroom features all sorts of wild creatures- including the brand new Mountain Lion tile! Here it is, installed:

handmade mountain lion or cougar tile installed in shower

The mountain lion (also known as a cougar) was a special request from the homeowner who works with the group Predator Defense, and has a special love for wildcats. I don't normally include habitat on my animal tiles, but I felt that a mountain lion really should have a mountain to stand on. The bathroom features a mix of animals in both celadon and autumn glazes, set among two inch and twelve inch field tiles:

Announcing Mark 4 + Fun With Internet Archaeology

It is here!! Our new website went up over the weekend & I am thrilled about it. I would love to take credit for the updated version of, but it all goes to my wonderful husband, Darrell, who preformed the upgrade. I did help with design decisions, but he did all the set up and made the switch. What a guy! We would both love for you to click around & tell us what you think. 

new emu tile website screen grab