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Wild Cat Bath

This bathroom features all sorts of wild creatures- including the brand new Mountain Lion tile! Here it is, installed:

handmade mountain lion or cougar tile installed in shower

The mountain lion (also known as a cougar) was a special request from the homeowner who works with the group Predator Defense, and has a special love for wildcats. I don't normally include habitat on my animal tiles, but I felt that a mountain lion really should have a mountain to stand on. The bathroom features a mix of animals in both celadon and autumn glazes, set among two inch and twelve inch field tiles:

Announcing EmuTile.com Mark 4 + Fun With Internet Archaeology

It is here!! Our new website went up over the weekend & I am thrilled about it. I would love to take credit for the updated version of EmuTile.com, but it all goes to my wonderful husband, Darrell, who preformed the upgrade. I did help with design decisions, but he did all the set up and made the switch. What a guy! We would both love for you to click around & tell us what you think. 

new emu tile website screen grab


New more Social and Mobile Handmade Tile Website Coming to EmuTile - Check it out soon!

Seems like we just updated the website, but it has been two whole years and technologies are always changing! So besides the new more efficient kilns, which save electricity and perform all around better, and the other upgrades to the studio work-space we will be launching a new version of the Emu Handmade Tile website in the next few months.

Drupal logo handmade ceramic art_tile Emutile.com craft

The main improvement is that the new site is responsive and will work better with mobile devices. We are working on putting some other nice things into the site to make it easier for people to use, and we are looking at ways to provide more content about handmade tile for those who are interested. And we're always looking at privacy/security issues that are so important today.

Blue Glaze, Blue Herons

When I received these lovely pictures of an Arts and Crafts hearth from Jeanne in Maine, I felt anything but blue! It is always super exciting for me when I get to see my work installed. These pictures were extra thrilling because this is the first time I have seen most of these particular tiles in a finished project. And what a project this is! The hearth creates a unique focal point in an appealing & airy space....

arts and crafts hearth with handmade art tiles

Here is an overall view, showing the handcrafted oak mantle, a charming painting of an ocean scene, and of course, handmade tiles! Here are some close ups of the tiles...

Nature Inspired Kitchen

I had to dig deep in my email archives to find these gems. These kitchen installation photos arrived back in January, but somehow I forgot to post them right away. The beautiful weather and renewal of life in this wonderful month of May reminded me that it is time to share pictures of this nature inspired kitchen:

handmade turtle, frog and dragonfly tiles

Above the stove are three 4"x4" art tiles: "Turtle" in Autumn Glaze, "Frog" in Leaf Green Glaze, and "Dragonfly" in Cinnamon. All of these designs were chosen in part because the can be installed on the diagonal. The installer did a fantastic job with both layout and execution of this unique design. Here is a slightly closer look:

New, New, New!

18 new tiles have just been added to the online store. Rather than list each and every one here, I decided to add a new category for them. It is called "New!"  From now on, when I add a new tile to the store, I will put it into the "New!" category temporarily. (New tiles will appear in other, permanent categories, as well.) Here are pictures of some of the current batch of new tiles:

handmade decorative border tiles, 1x6 liner tiles

The tiles pictured above also appear in another recently added category: "1 by 6 inch tiles"

Glorious Green Kitchen

It took about 2 months for me to complete this set of over 600 leaf green tiles. Fortunately the homeowner was willing to wait. And she was also kind enough to share pictures of the completed kitchen! 

leaf green art tiles in a kitchen with yellow cupbaords

She got the idea from this installation & I am impressed with how much it looks like the original concept, right down to the shallow condiment shelves on either side of the range:

artTILE 2013

It almost that time of year again! Every spring, indigenous gallery in Cincinnati, Ohio hosts an invitational exhibit featuring 30 - 40 tile artists. I am thrilled that my tiles will be part of the show this year.

 indigenous gallery artTILE 2013 postcard

(The tiny row of green tiles above the elephant were made by yours truly.)

Blog Backlog

There is so much tile news from the last month, there is no way I can put it all into just one blog entry. But I have to start somewhere if I want to catch up, so here goes! Today's entry is about some of the new tiles I have been working on. None of the designs are completely new, but they have been resized or reconfigured in some way.

The first one was commissioned by a customer. I almost refused the job because I have been crazy busy, but then I couldn't get the idea out of my head and I wanted to see what it would look like. The idea was to take the 6"x6" Tulip tile, and turn it 45 degrees, while keeping the tulip pointing up:

tulip art tiles


The new version is shown in raw clay, the finished tiles will look much better. 


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