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2 Inch by 2 Inch Tile

Ceramic Handmade Designs

2" by 2" stoneware high fire for durability and longevity. This size works well installed with other 2"x2" or 4"x4" or 8"x8" thick commercial or handmade ceramic tile and they make a nice gift, desk decoration, or fun wall hanging.  These are some cute tiles and the prices are great for tiles of this fine quality.

2" Handmade Art Tiles

Ceramic Glazes Available

Click to enlarge ceramic handmade glaze image

ceramic handmade tile glaze image

Glazes for handmade ceramic tile carried by Emu Tile

Your handmade tiles can be glazed in any of the glaze styles shown. Mix selections or pick one glaze for all the tile to match.

It's up to you.

See larger image of glazes available

Ceramic Handmade Tile Art - Free Shipping






Ceramic handmade tile orders that are $100 or more have free shipping in the USA.