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Two Ways to Get Framed Tiles

Frames are now available! If you would like to order a tile framed in a beautiful, Ohio-made, craftsman style oak frame, you can do it two different ways. First, we are now carrying these frames and have added them to our online shopping cart. If place an order though our website, you should be able to check box that adds a frame for an additional fee. Remember, if you order this way our normal lead time to make the tile will apply. 

handmade tile in an oak park frame made in ohio

A Bigger Butterfly

This butterfly design has been part of our line of handmade tiles for years, but only in the 2"x2" size.  We decided it was time to make it bigger! Now you can order it in the 4"x4" size as well. The larger version is shown here in the "spearmint" glaze:

I posted a picture of the sculpting process in a previous blog entry. Here are a couple of pictures of the mold making process...

handmade tile mold making process part one

Glaze Changes

The latest addition to our glaze collection is called "Honey," and we are very excited about it! It is a warm amber with brown highlights. We love how it brings out the details in the tiles. Here it is on the "Dahlia" and "Honey Bee" handmade tiles:

handmade tiles: flower and bee design, honey glaze

"Honey" is replacing the equally delicious sounding "Cinnamon" in our normal glaze lineup. "Cinnamon" is still available by special request, but the formulation has changed and it has gone from this.....

artTILE 2015

This is the 6th year that I have had the pleasure of participating in indigenous gallery's annual artTILE extravaganza in Cincinnati, Ohio. It has been a huge honor for me to have my work shown alongside some of the best handmade tile art in the US. Darrell and I drove down over the weekend and we were truly blown away by the quality and diversity of work. As a featured artist, I spent Saturday at the gallery, demonstrating my sculpting technique, meeting new people, and catching up with some of my Cincinnati friends and family. It was a fantastic weekend. 

handmade tile show at indigenous gallery in Cincinnati, Ohio 2015

I love the idea of being an "artist in action." That's me!

A Mini Video of Sculpting a Handmade Tile

Last week, my dear friend, Mandi brought some art materials over to my house so we could catch up with each other while we both worked. (Craft dates are so fun! Note to self: I need to hang out with more local artists.)  She shot some footage with her iphone of me working, then she quickly edited it into a tiny video for me. What a sweet thing to do; she is a solid gold friend. Here I am sculpting my oak leaf design into the 3"x3" size:



An Arts and Crafts Hearth

(When we switched to our current website, some lovely installation pictures never made it over from the old version of EmuTile.com. I am going to attempt to re- post all of those "lost" installations, starting with this one. Please note, this particular installation features "Northern Lights" glaze which has since been discontinued.)

E.A.  sent me these gorgeous pictures of her hearth.  She ordered two of my 3"x3" Fleur tiles in Northern Lights glaze, and installed them herself.  She found the field tiles on Craigslist and got them for a song; they were left over from someone else's installation. What a lucky find! They really complete the arts and crafts look.

Great combination of green glazes.