How to Hang a Handmade Tile

You do not need to remodel your kitchen or bathroom in order to enjoy the beauty of handmade tiles in your home. Almost all of our tiles come with a hanging slot in the back, making them easy to display without permanently installing them. Here are the sizes that come standard with a hanging slot:

back of two inch by two inch handmade tile

 back of three inch by three inch handmade tile

back of four inch by four inch handmade tile

back of six inch by six inch handmade tile

back of three inch by six inch handmade tiles

back of four inch by eight inch handmade tile

And here are all of the above sizes, grouped together for size comparison:

Backs of every size of handmade tile

(from top left to right: 4"x4", 3"x3", 2"x2"; from lower left to right: 6"x6", 3"x6", 4"x8")

All it takes to hang any of these tiles is a sturdy nail or screw in your wall. I do not recommend any hook style picture hanger. Some may work, but most do not fit snugly in the hanging slot. If you have any questions, please contact me.