Since 2004, the mission of Emu Tile has been to produce beautiful, durable art tile by hand. 

  This small but mighty studio has just two employees:
Emily Ulm ( Emily Margaret Ulm ), Emu Tile LLCDarrell Ulm ( Darrell Raymond Ulm )

Emily Margaret Ulm is the full-time tile designer and maker. She studied ceramics and sculpture at the University of Akron (BFA, Sculpture, 2003). After graduation, she toyed with the idea of going into art education, then surprised friends and family by announcing her intention to start an art tile company. As a career path, it appealed to her love of nature, passion for craft and interest in home improvement. When she got married and changed her last name from Wilson to Ulm, her initials became E.M.U., which is how the business got the name "Emu Tile." Her husband, Darrell Raymond Ulm, never doubted the company would be a success and became co-owner.

Darrell helps out with the business when he has time. He built and maintains the Emu Tile website. In addition, he has been known to photograph tiles, fix kilns, lift heavy things and clean the studio. Both creative and practical, he took classes in photography, film-making and painting as well as Computer Science in college.  

When they are not working, they enjoy walking, biking and playing board games together. Emily loves to swim. Fortunately, northeast Ohio is home to many wonderful lakes.