Chipmunk 2"x2" Ceramic Handmade Tile - Autumn Glaze
Autumn Glaze
Chipmunk 2"x2" Ceramic Handmade Tile - Watercolor Blue Glaze
Watercolor Blue Glaze

Available in these glazes colors:

Chipmunk 2"x2" Ceramic Handmade Tile

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This woodland creature is actually a type of small squirrel. Its genus name, "Tamias," comes from the Greek word for "storer," which is fitting because chipmunks stockpile food in the warmer months to eat during winter. By storing seeds and nuts in their extensive burrows, chipmunks inadvertently help to establish seedlings and thus play an important role in the forest ecosystem.


  • Available in many types of glazes, all non-toxic.
  • Made by hand using traditional techniques
  • Ideal for temporary or permanent installation
  • Inspired by the beauty of nature
  • Made with natural materials
  • Glaze is carefully brushed on every tile's top and sides
  • Long lasting, high fired ceramics
  • Approx. 1/2" thick at edge, unless otherwise noted