Crab 2"x2" Ceramic Handmade Tile - Watercolor Blue Glaze
Watercolor Blue Glaze
Crab 2"x2" Ceramic Handmade Tile - Hyacinth Glaze
Hyacinth Glaze

Available in these glaze colors:

Crab 2"x2" Ceramic Handmade Tile

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The oceans are home to numerous species of crabs. These crustaceans can also be found on land and in fresh water, though not here in Ohio! Traditionally, crabs symbolize protection, rebirth, and prosperity.They are linked to the tides and the cycles of the moon. Crabs were often depicted in ancient Peruvian art by a people who worshiped nature and the sea.

This handmade tile crab design is also available in the 3"x3" and 4"x4" size.

Choice of many glazes, all food safe. Can be hung on the wall- no framing required; it is also appropriate for permanent installation. Made to order. Raised, hand-carved original design is inspired by nature. This tile is handmade from a durable ceramic material which is fired once to 1800F, then glazed and fired again to 2200F.

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