Set Of Two 2"x4" Heron Ceramic Handmade Tiles - Gray Glaze
Gray Glaze
Set Of Two 2"x4" Heron Ceramic Handmade Tiles - Leaf Green Glaze
Leaf Green Glaze
Set Of Two 2"x4" Heron Ceramic Handmade Tiles - Watercolor Blue Glaze
Watercolor Blue Glaze
2"x4" Heron Ceramic Handmade Tiles- multicolored glaze grouping
multicolored glaze grouping

Available in these glaze colors:

Pair of 2"x4" Heron Ceramic Handmade Tiles

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  • $26.00

This set is a fraction of the cost and a fraction of the size of the other heron tile sets offered on this website. The total size of this tiny pair together is approximately 4"x4", not including the grout line that would go in between them in a permanent installation. Size of grout line determines the final size. These do come with a hanging slot in the back of each tile, so they can also be wall mounted without adhesive if you prefer.
Price listed is for one pair of 2"x4" herons, facing each other, in choice of one single glaze. The group photo is shown for reference only. This design is also available as a set in the 3"x6" and 4"x8" sizes.
Available in several different glazes, all lead free and dinnerware safe. Can be hung on the wall using a nail or screw. Ideal for installation in kitchen, bathroom, or fireplace surround. Original design, sculpted in relief and reproduced by the artist, by hand. Made of durable stoneware. Twice fired, first to 1800F, then to 2200F.