Elephant 4x4 - Gray Glaze
Gray Glaze
Elephant 4x4 - Watercolor Blue Glaze
Watercolor Blue Glaze
Elephant 4x4 - Celadon Glaze
Celadon Glaze
Elephant Ceramic Handmade tile 4x4 - Gray Glaze Grouping
Gray Glaze Grouping
Handmade tile 4x4 - Autumn Glaze Grouping
Autumn Glaze Grouping
Elephant 4x4 - Celadon Glaze Grouping
Celadon Glaze Grouping
Elephant 4x4 - Big Life Logo
Big Life Logo
Elephant 4x4 - Fundraiser Info
Fundraiser Info

Available in these glazes colors:

Elephant 4"x4" Ceramic Handmade Tile

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  • $20.00

Important message regarding lead times (link).

Elephants may appear mighty, but they are actually a vulnerable species. We need to make sure these highly intelligent and empathetic creatures don't die out.

I donate $4 per tile sold to the "Big Life Foundation" on an ongoing basis. Thank you for helping me support a most worthy cause! For more information visit BigLife.org

Price listed is for one 4"x4" elephant tile. Group picture is for reference only. 

Available in many types of glazes, all non-toxic. Made by hand using traditional techniques. Ideal for temporary or permanent installation. Inspired by the beauty of nature. Made with natural materials. Glaze is carefully brushed on the top and sides of every tile. Long lasting, high fired ceramics. Approx. 1/2" thick at edge.