Elm Tree 6"x6" Ceramic Handmade Tile with 2" Border

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Total size: approximately 10 inches by 10 inches WITHOUT grout lines. Installed size will be slightly bigger. Final measurements depends on how much space is left for grout lines.

Available in any of our glazes.

Elm 6"x6" with 1" Border is a 17 tile set. It includes:

1 six inch by six inch "Elm" tile

12 two inch by two inch blank field tiles 

4 two inch by two two inch "Spiral" tiles


With proper care, this tile set may last thousands of years. Can be installed in kitchens, bathrooms, showers and more. Made by hand in the Arts and Crafts tradition. Stoneware clay body. Choose from a set of unique glazes, all lead-free.