White Pine 4"x4" Ceramic Handmade Tile - Spearmint Glaze
Spearmint Glaze
White Pine 4"x4" Ceramic Handmade Tile - Autumn Glaze
Autumn Glaze

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White Pine 4"x4" Ceramic Handmade Tile

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White pine is also known as the "Tree of Peace." A white pine tree can grow 3 feet per year and reach heights of 150 feet tall or more. The house I grew up in had a giant white pine in the backyard. It was a former Christmas tree which was planted years before I was born, then grew to be twice as tall as the house. Needles from the white pine can be made into a tea which is high in vitamin C, though I have never tried it.

The white pine handmade tile is an early Emu Tile design, and has been in production for over a decade. 

 All of the glazes we use for handmade tile are non-toxic and lead free. Each tile has slot on back for easy wall hanging with a nail or screw. The White Pine handmade tile is also suitable for permanent installation in any room of the house. It is an Arts and Crafts inspired relief design, sculpted by hand and then reproduced one at a time in stoneware. Emu Handmade Tiles look great framed and displayed.