Acorn 2"x2" Ceramic Handmade Tile - Gray Glaze
Gray Glaze
Acorn 2"x2" Ceramic Handmade Tile - Honey Glaze
Honey Glaze
Acorn 2"x2" Ceramic Handmade Tile - Watercolor Blue Glaze - Handmade Tile by Emu
Watercolor Blue Glaze
Acorn 2"x2" Ceramic Handmade Tile - Leaf Green Glaze
Leaf Green Glaze
Acorn 2"x2" Ceramic Handmade Tile - Celadon Glaze
Celadon Glaze

Available in these glaze colors:

Acorn 2"x2" Ceramic Handmade Tile

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Even the mighty oak has to start small! Under the right conditions, a tiny acorn can grow into an enormous oak tree which may live for 200 years or more and produce hundreds of thousands of acorns over the span of its life. Plentiful in many parts of the world, acorns provide sustenance for wildlife including squirrels, birds, and deer.

At various points in history, acorns have been a food source for humans as well. Native American tribes in North America had sophisticated systems for utilizing acorns as food; long soaking times were required to remove bitter tannin from the nuts and make them edible. The symbolism of the acorn varies across cultures; an acorn can represent good luck, prosperity, youth, power and spiritual growth.

This design pairs nicely with the 2"x2" oak leaf. The acorn is also available in the 4"x4" size.

With proper care, this tile may last thousands of years! It can be installed in kitchens, bathrooms, showers and more. Each tile is made by hand in the Arts and Crafts tradition. Makes a great wall hanging; no frame is required. The acorn handmade tile is made from a stoneware clay body. Choose from a set of unique glazes, all lead-free.