A Garden Themed Shower

This is one of those rare customer installations that I actually got to see in person! Some friends here in town did a beautiful job mixing some of my handmade tiles with "wood-look" porcelain tiles in their newly remodeled bathroom. What a good idea! They get the appearance of wood with the durability of tile, which makes a ton of sense for a shower.

handmade tile shower with wood grain look tiles

I like how they chose to run the plank tiles horizontally, it makes me think of a sauna or spa. There are three groupings of three tiles each inserted around the shower at natural intervals.

Fern, Blossom and Dragonfly handmade tiles in Leaf Green Glaze

It is amazing how much the surrounding tiles look like wood. They even have the ever-so-subtle texture of saw marks in some places. I didn't see any repeats in the wood grain pattern either. It is really pretty remarkable stuff. I never would have thought to combine these two materials, but I am truly impressed by how well this turned out.

Thank you, David and Lynn, for including my tiles in your project and allowing me to share photos. Congratulations on your lovely new bathroom!

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