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There is so much tile news from the last month, there is no way I can put it all into just one blog entry. But I have to start somewhere if I want to catch up, so here goes! Today's entry is about some of the new tiles I have been working on. None of the designs are completely new, but they have been resized or reconfigured in some way.

The first one was commissioned by a customer. I almost refused the job because I have been crazy busy, but then I couldn't get the idea out of my head and I wanted to see what it would look like. The idea was to take the 6"x6" Tulip tile, and turn it 45 degrees, while keeping the tulip pointing up:

Tulip Handmade Ceramic Tile


The new version is shown in raw clay, the finished tiles will look much better. 


Also in progress are enlarged versions of some popular designs. The following four tiles were previously available in smaller sizes and will soon be available in the 4"x4" size as well. Again, the finished tiles will be prettier than these clay proofs:

Unglazed Handmade Ceramic Tiles

top row: left- snail, right- crab; bottom row: left- geometric bloom, right- squirrel

Actually, I already did have a 4"x4" squirrel tile in my line, but it faces the opposite direction. By adding this new squirrel, I will be able make two squirrels facing each other. Sorta like this:

Squirrel Handmade Ceramic Tile         

Only better. Because it turns out I am better at making tiles than using photoshop.

The molds have been  made...


Ceramic Handmade Tile Plaster Mold for Crab


... and the finished tiles are on the way. Photos coming soon! Stay tuned for those, plus new installation pictures and more. 

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