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Studio Improvements

This may not look like much to you...

Handmade Tile Studio 1

...but to me it looks like Christmas, my birthday, and the Fourth of July all rolled into one. I am so happy that my studio is back together and I am making tiles again. Thanks to a lot of hard work, the studio is cleaner and better organized than ever before. The work-space pictured above doubles as my glazing and packing area. The next picture was taken from the exact same spot, but with the camera pointed in a different direction.  

Handmade Tile Studio Press and Kilns

In the foreground is the slab roller, which I use to make field tiles. The tile pressing room and kilns are in the background. The next picture is a close up of the pressing room. It is where I make the the decorative feature tiles. 

Handmade Ceramic Tile Pressing Table and Molds

It is fairly sunny and cheerful for a basement. Here is my mold making area, ready for action:

Ceramic Handmade Tile Mold Making Table

I never used to want to post pictures of the studio because it was so dreary. But now I actually feel good about how it looks. And more importantly, I feel so much better spending time in it! Thank you to everyone who waited for me to re-open to place an order. I couldn't be more delighted to make tiles for you in my happy little studio.