A Craftsman Fireplace

This hearth is in a 1929 bungalow that is being restored in the Arts & Craft style. The couple who lives there designed and built the mantel (the husband is a woodworker) and also chose, laid out, and and installed the tiles themselves. The results are beautiful and period appropriate. 

handmade tile fireplace, arts and crafts style

The birds and trees were made by me (glaze: "autumn"), the field tiles are by "Clay Squared to Infinity" (glaze: "wasabi")

arts and crafts style green handmade tiles

Here are the feature tiles before they were installed:

handmade tree and bird tiles for arts and crafts fireplace

On the left if is a 3"x3" chickadee, in the middle is a 6"x6" elm tree, on the right is a 3"x3" cardinal. Here is a close up of just the chickadee:

handmade chickadee tile installed in fireplace hearth

The 3"x3" chickadee was made especially for this project. Before this, this design was only available in the 2"x2" and 4"x4" sizes.

The homeowner also sent a "before picture," and this nice message:

We are really happy with our tree and little birds; they're perfect. Hope you like our collective craftsman (& woman) project!

I certainly DO like how this hearth turned out! Just for fun, here is the before picture:

"before" picture of fireplace

Thank you so much, Sarah, for including my tiles in your lovely home, and for taking the time to send pictures!


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