A Periwinkle Kitchen

Here is a little secret: a lot of the time I think my customers are more creative than I am. They always manage to install my tiles in new and wonderful ways that I never would have thought of! Take this installation, for example:
A newly remodeled kitchen with gray cupboards, white counters and subway tiles, and a handmade tile feature over the sink
The homeowners wanted their sophisticated new kitchen to have some earthy, arty, one-of-a-kind features that reflect who they are as people. They came up with the idea to inlay a grouping of art tiles behind the sink.
close up of periwinkle glazed handmade tiles in a kitchen sink backsplash
Each tile represents a plant or animal that has meaning in their lives. And because they are fellow Ohioans, they sought out tiles that were made in Ohio. 
periwinkle handmade tiles featuring plants and animals installed in a kitchen sink backsplash
This periwinkle glaze is not in my normal catalog; it was made by special request. It turned out to be the perfect choice for this light, airy kitchen. 
close up of handmade tiles in a light purple glaze featuring plants and animals, installed with with subway tiles in a newly remolded  kitchen
All of the plants and animals are either native to Ohio, or can be found in Ohio.
close up of handmade tiles featuring plants and animals installed in a kitchen backslash
Thank you so much, Annette, for seeking out handmade tiles for your home! Everyone else: Annette is not just a fellow Ohioan, she is also a fellow artist! Check out her delightful paintings and cards in her etsy store: 
One more thing. When I took these tiles out of the kiln it was twilight and the summer sky outside the studio was a blue-periwinkle color that was so lovely that I had to take a photo. Here it is:
periwinkle sky

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