Amazing Bathroom Transformation: Before and After pictures!

This was a big project last summer, and my wonderful client sent fabulous photos as soon as her bathroom was complete in August. I simply cannot live with myself any longer if I don't post them now! As you can see, this remodel created a dramatic transformation:

handmade tile bathroom before and after photos

This serene bathroom is located in a lovely cabin which is surrounded by nature on all sides. The homeowner selected plant and animal tiles which reflect the surrounding environment, which meant she ordered one of practically everything in my entire catalog of 4"x4" plant and animal tiles:

handmade four inch by four inch plant and animal tiles

The feature tiles were interspersed among plain 4"x4" handmade field tiles in matching "Celadon" glaze. Even though they are all glazed with the same glaze, there is a still a subtle variation from tile to tile. That is part of the beauty of handmade tiles. These pictures show the glaze variation rather nicely:

window surrounded by handmade tiles in bathroom

handmade tile bathroom corners

If you look closely at these before and after pictures, you might notice that a lot more than tiles changed in this remodel...

handmade tile bathroom before and after

"Where did all this extra headroom come from?" you may ask. The homeowner added a shed dormer to her house to make room for a full bathroom upstairs.

cabin before shed dormer


cabin exterior after shed dormer


Adding the shed dormer was a very wise decision! This room became a bright and open, yet peaceful space that anyone would be happy to retreat to.

bathroom with claw bathtub surrounded by handmade tiles

The vast majority of the tiles in this project are 4"x4", but there is also a border of 2"x2" feature tiles and 2"x6" field tiles, which you can see here:

handmade tile border in bathroom

It is such an honor for me to see my tiles in this beautiful home. And I can sleep better tonight now that I have finally posted these pictures. The client also shared this nice message that I will pass on to you:

  • Thank you so much for all your hard work and these beautiful tiles!
  • I found the pictures of other tile installations invaluable and I would like to pay it forward. Please feel free to share any and all pictures! And folks are welcome to contact me with questions.
  • All tiles are 4x4 celadon.  The border is 2x2 feature tiles with 2x6 in between.
  • Used a fine aggregate grout in “ivory” color.
  • Walls painted Benjamin Moore “Edgecombe Gray

I am not going to share her contact information here, but if anyone has any questions let me know and I will reach out to her. 

Thank you, R.N. for supporting my tiny art business, and for sharing pictures of your beautiful project.

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