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An Animal Lover's Kitchen

For this kitchen, the client ordered practically every 2"x2" animal tile that I make!

blue handmade animal tiles

She picked the watercolor blue glaze to match both her deep blue counters, and the other accent tiles in her back splash. The final result reflects her love of animals in a truly unique and dramatic way...

blue handmade animal tiles installed in a kitchen

When she sent these photos to me, she included this lovely message:

"Everyone comments on your beautiful tile. You're so talented and I appreciate the time you put into your craft."

A comment like this always puts a smile on my face. It means so much to me that people enjoy living with my tiles everyday. That is why I keep doing this.

blue handmade animal tiles installed in a kitchen backsplash, close up

Thank you so much, K.B., for installing my tiles in your kitchen, and for taking the time to share photos.

blue handmade animal tiles installed in a kitchen backsplash

(And THANK YOU to everyone who has sent pictures. If I haven't posted yours yet, I apologize. I really do appreciate you for sending them. It always makes me so happy to see where my work ends up, and I am slowly working my way through my email archives, trying to post as many as I can find!)