An electric upgrade: before and after

These fun installation pictures are from California. The original stone and brick hearth had some large, square holes in it that were left over from the blower for an old cast iron wood burning fireplace.

dated electric fireplace

The homeowners could have torn out the whole hearth and started over from scratch, but instead they decided to make the most of what they already had and turn the cutouts into focal points by filling them with art tiles in designs that have special significance for their family.

fireplace conversion

They replaced the wood burner with a modern electric fireplace made by Dimplex, which looks pretty convincing to me!

electric fireplace with handmade tile, stone and brick surround

They also added a fireplace screen to make it look even more like a real fire. 

electric fireplace with screen and handmade tile surround

This makes me very happy to see the old and new thoughtfully combined to make something unique and special that will hopefully stand the test of time! 

elm tree handmade tile installed with stone in a fireplace surround

close up of elm tree tile

handmade heron tiles installed in a fireplace surround with stone and bricks

close up of herons

handmade tiles installed in a fireplace surround with stone and brick

Above is a close up of the tiles under the mantel. Designs are: acorn, nest, dragonfly, sunflower and oak leaf. Below is a picture of the tiles before they left my studio. Glaze on all the tiles is "Autumn."

handmade tiles prior to being shipped

Thank you so much, M.M. for including my tiles in your hearth, and for taking the time to document the project so thoroughly. What a thrill to see this fireplace restoration come together so nicely!  


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