A Bird and a Bee

I've been busy this week sculpting various 4"x4" tiles, including a completely new Rooster design. The Honey Bee was already available as a 2"x2" tile and I am re-sizing it. I am also working on enlarging one of my cat tiles, but it is not ready for the public eye. The rooster and bee, however, are almost finished:

Bird and Bee Handmade Ceramic Tile Designs

 I am going to fiddle with the wings and feathers a bit more, and then make molds. The mold making process will destroy the original proofs, but that is ok because with the finished molds I can make hundreds of reproductions of each design. 

Rooster Handmade Ceramic Tile Design

Speaking of reproduction, I definitely need to make a 4"x4" hen to keep this guy company and help take care of the eggs. I might even make a baby chick, too, in order to complete the chicken family. I am not going to bother to make an entire bee family... baby bees just aren't that cute. Though a honeycomb tile might be interesting. Hmmm...

Ceramic Bee Handmade Tile

4"x4" Bee and Rooster tiles are available for pre-order here and here.

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