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Brand New 4 Tile Set

Remember the new mold I made earlier this month?  The first set of tiles I made from it is out of the kiln! It is a set of four 4"x4" tiles that fit together to form a pattern that is about 8"x8" square, shown in autumn glaze.

 I have added to the online store here and here. The design is based on the 3"x3" tile, "geometric blossom", and I think the larger and smaller versions would combine well.  In a kitchen, the 8"x8" version could go over the range or in another prominent spot, and the 3"x3" could be peppered around the room.  Speaking of the 3"x3" version, remember the pictures of unfired tiles I posted just before I made this new set? They too are all glazed and fired:

geometric handmade art tiles

glazed in northern lights

Aren't they lovely? I hope to feature pictures of them installed on the website.  I <3 customer installation photos!

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