, Emily Margaret Ulm

Buffalos Both Ways

Yes, yes, I know these are bison. I have my reasons for calling them Buffalo. They had been available in the 2"x2" and 4"x4" size for some time, but they both faced left only. Back in March I had a request to make them in both sizes, but facing right instead. So I did...

making a handmade buffalo tile

Above: sculpting. Below: finished!

handmade tiles featuring buffalo or american bison

 The originals got a bit messed up in the mold making process, but it doesn't matter. With the new molds I can make hundreds more... 

making a mold of a handmade tile

Right after I finished this project, I got a request for a 2"x6" tile with two buffalos facing each other. I liked the idea of using the small buffalo tile I had just made to make the original. I pressed two 2"x2" buffalo tiles (one in each direction), joined them with small pieces of clay, and smoothed the whole thing to make it look as seamless as possible.

handmade tile featuring a pair of buffalos

The next step, of course, is to make a mold...

making a mold of a handmade tile

This original got *really* messed up, but again, it doesn't matter...

making a mold of a handmade tile

The client was really happy with the final product, as was I. I've been thinking about doing this with more of my 2"x2" tile designs....

handmade tiles with a buffalo or bison theme

All of these new tiles are now available to order through our online store:

4"x4" Buffalo facing right

2"x2" Buffalo facing right

2"x6" Double Buffalo Tile