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A Baby Buffalo

It isn't really a baby, it is just very small. And it is actually a bison, if you want to get technical. But since I made him on request from the Graycliff Estate, which is located just outside Buffalo, New York, I am calling him a buffalo.

As soon as Darrell and I get my studio put back together I will make a mold of this little guy. The studio should be ready for me to resume production one week from today, on September 1st, as planned. We will re-open the online store by 11:59pm on August 31st.

I had planned to make a bunch of new tile designs over summer break, but instead I ended up doing a lot of this...

Painting Ceiling for Hand Made Tile Studio

...because the studio is really just the basement of our almost 100 year old house, and the ceiling used to look like this:

Old ceiling in basement ceramic tile studio

The floor looked like this...

Old floor in ceramic hand made tile studio

...before Darrell and I spent many hours removing paint from the floor. (Thanks, Darrell!) I will post some before and after pictures once we finish sealing the concrete and get all my equipment back in place. 

I am very excited to start producing tiles again! If you have been waiting patiently to place an order, thank you! Your wait is almost over.