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What a great concept: take an art tile, frame it with art tiles, and presto! Durable, washable wall art for the kitchen. Bonus: this is wall art that never needs straightening (after the initial installation, of course).

This kitchen features three 6"x6" art tiles in northern lights glaze, framed up with a combination of 3"x6" and 3"x3" art tiles in buckwheat glaze:

Kitchen Backsplash with Handmade Ceramic Tiles 1

I can't tell from these pictures if the field tiles are natural stone or ceramic; in any case the color harmonizes beautifully with the buckwheat and northern lights glazes.

Kitchen Backsplash with Handmade Ceramic Tiles 2

The homeowner described the arrangement above as a "Sunburst." That sounds good to me.

Kitchen Backsplash with Handmade Ceramic Tiles 3

Thanks so much, Robert M., for sending these wonderful pictures! Your kitchen is lovely, and I am honored that my tiles are a part of it.