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Getting Unstuck

Even though I absolutely adore my job, maybe I should try to take time off more than once every 3 and a half years. I am starting to think that there is some truth to the idea that taking vacation can actually improve productivity.  

I finished sending out the last of my Summer 2016 orders out yesterday at 4:30, officially beginning my longest closure ever. I am taking a six and a half week break from firing the kilns. It has been less than 24 hours since I finished, and it still feels weird. I keep thinking that I am forgetting to do something really important. But I am also starting to feel energized! I was able to finish sculpting a cat tile that had been sitting on my desk, half finished, for 2 years and 10 months. It suddenly seemed really easy to do. 

After putting the finishing touches on it, I immediately poured a mold. I think it turned out pretty nice. 

Plaster Mold for Handmade Ceramic Art Tile

Next up, I swiftly completed a project I have been aching to start on for weeks. I sculpted a cicada tile (which is either one month late, or 16 years and 11 months early, depending on how your look at it.) I am almost ready to make a mold of this guy:

Design for Handmade Cicada Tile

I have also started blogging again (obviously) which feels like a big deal to me. I haven't had much to say in this space for a while. Now my mind is overflowing with ideas. Maybe it seems strange that I am taking a vacation from making tiles, and all I want to do with my time off is make tiles. To me, it feels like the most natural thing in the world. Being an artist is a weird job.

Thanks again to everyone who has helped my little art business thrive! I couldn't take this time off if it weren't for you and your amazing support. And I am already excited to re-open on September 1st, with new tile designs in the shop and renewed energy to resume production!