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Glaze Changes

The latest addition to our glaze collection is called "Honey," and we are very excited about it! It is a warm amber with brown highlights. We love how it brings out the details in the tiles. Here it is (above) on the "Dahlia" and "Honey Bee" handmade tiles.

"Honey" is replacing the equally delicious sounding "Cinnamon" in our normal glaze lineup. "Cinnamon" is still available by special request, but the formulation has changed and it has gone from this.....

handmade tiles with nature theme and cinnamon glaze"

....to this:

Cinnamon Handmade Ceramic Tile Glaze 2

The new version is lighter and more matte than the old version. It is not bad, but it is different from all of the previous photos of "Cinnamon" glaze that appear on the website. To avoid confusion, if you want "Cinnamon" glaze you'll have to send us a message about it, since it is no longer an option in our online shopping cart. I hope this makes sense! As always, if you have any questions, contact me

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