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If I Only Had a Shrink Ray... would have been WAY faster to convert seven of my most popular 4"x4" tile designs to the 2"x2" size. But it would have been way less fun, so it is probably for the best that there is no such thing as a shrink ray. If you aren't familiar with my work, these tiles I just finished sculpting probably won't look all that small to you. But to me, they look amazingly, adorably tiny. Like fun sized candy bars.

I have been making most these designs for several years in the 4"x4" size, so they feel like old friends. It is still confusing to my brain to see them half sized...

2 in by 2 inch handmade tile designs in Ginkgo 1

Above: the new, smaller version of my Pine, Fern, Hemlock, and Locust tiles. I had to adapt the Hemlock by making fewer pine needles, and the locust has fewer leaves. So now that I think about it, a shrink ray wouldn't have worked that well after all. Fun Fact: the finished tiles will be slightly smaller than these proofs because my clay shrinks about 12% when it is dried and is fired to 2200 degrees. I can't wait to see the extra small results!

2 in by 2 inch handmade tile designs in Ginkgo 2

The last picture shows the 2"x2" version of my Single Ginkgo, Double Ginkgo & Blossom tiles, along with a brand new Oak Leaf tile, to go with the 2"x2" Acorn tile and 4"x4" Spring Oak tile. If the Oak leaf sells well in this small size, I will definitely adapt it to the larger 4"x4" size.

I will be making molds of all of these tiles today. I should be able to start pressing tiles by the end of the week. They aren't in the online store yet, so if you want to place an order now please contact me.

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