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Just Dandy

The sun came out this afternoon. The blue sky was irresistible, so DRU and I walked downtown and then up to campus. Despite the icy wind in my face, when I looked up at the brilliant blue I could almost imagine it was a summer day. To keep the illusion going, I am going to make a new tile with a summer theme. Not that I mind the winter, mind you. I just sometimes miss warm weather things, like swimming outdoors, wearing shorts, and picking dandelions.

Ok, I don't exactly pick dandilions much anymore, I mostly pull them out of the garden.  But when I was little, I used to pick tiny bouquets of dandelions and other "weeds" for my Mom, who (being the best mom in the world) made a fuss over their great beauty. Sadly, once picked, dandelions wilt almost immediately, so my gifts were always short lived. A dandelion tile, on the other hand, will last a *very* long time and won't crowd out the kale or turnips. If I finish it in time, I will have to give my mom one for her birthday this year...