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Low Tech High Tech is powered by Drupal, a flexible, free, open-source content management system. As I explained in this post, I love Drupal. I hope it keeps gaining popularity and stays in active development for many years. But no matter how good of a run it has, it probably won't last as long as this tile I just made of the Drupal logo.

Ceramics can last for thousands of years. Software, not so much (Note from DRU: Yeah, but look at COBOL!) Well, maybe. I will leave that to future archaeologists to decide. In any case, I like the fact that this tile is an extremely low tech representation of a very sophisticated piece of software. The low tech ceramic version could exist as a relic long after this website and all of the technology that helped create it is only a memory. In the meantime, it makes a nice place to set a cup of coffee :-) The tile in the picture went to my husband, who loves both Drupal and coffee. If you are a Drupal fan and you want one too, contact me. If there is any interest, I will add it to the online store.