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Nature Inspired Kitchen

I had to dig deep in my email archives to find these gems. These kitchen installation photos arrived back in January, but somehow I forgot to post them right away. The beautiful weather and renewal of life in this wonderful month of May reminded me that it is time to share pictures of this nature inspired kitchen:

Handmade Tiles Kitch Backsplash

Above the stove are three 4"x4" art tiles: "Turtle" in Autumn Glaze, "Frog" in Leaf Green Glaze, and "Dragonfly" in Cinnamon. All of these designs were chosen in part because the can be installed on the diagonal. The installer did a fantastic job with both layout and execution of this unique design. Shown at the top is a slightly closer look.

Tiny deco tiles create a border on either side of the handmade feature tiles. The subway style field tiles have an attractive color variation that helps them tie in with the art tiles. Another area in the kitchen uses a similar arrangement, but with different accent tiles:

Handmade Tile Kitchen Back-splash Detail 2

From left to right: 2"x2" Ladybug in Cinnamon, 4"x4" Pine and Wildflower tiles in Autumn, and 2"x2" Honeybee in Cinnamon, surrounded by mottled subway tiles, and multicolored deco border tiles.

I love the selection of tiles in this room. Thanks so much to R.T. for sending pictures! You are the best!

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