New Installation Pictures- Aquatic Bathroom, Northern Lights Glaze

I am totally smitten with this modern, spacious bath with an artistic flair.

Free-standing tub with wooden feet and three tiled insets on the wall behind it. I think the nooks must be set in between the wall studs, so maybe it was a lucky coincidence the lined up so perfectly? Each one is tiled with a mixture of my handmade art tiles and two inch by two inch field tiles from another source:

Art Tile Bathroom 1

First panel, above: 4"x4" Pine Tile, 4"x8" Heron Tile, 4"x4" Spring Oak Tile

Art Tile Bathroom 2

Middle panel features a 4"X4" Jellyfish Tile, 4"x4" Nest Tile & 4"x4" Turtle Tile

Art Tile Bathroom 3

Third Panel: 4"x4" Weeping Willow Tile, 4"x8" Cattails Tile & 4"x4" Locust Tile

Art Tile Bathroom 4

Last but not least, the sink has a 4"x4" frog tile keeping watch over it. I love the choice of an aquatic theme for this bathroom... so appropriate with the water!

Thanks a million, S.G. for sharing these pictures! You are the best <3

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