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New, New, New!

18 new tiles have just been added to the online store. Rather than list each and every one here, I decided to add a new category for them. It is called "New!"  From now on, when I add a new tile to the store, I will put it into the "New!" category temporarily. (New tiles will appear in other, permanent categories, as well.) Here are pictures of some of the current batch of new tiles:

6 inch by 1 inch ceramic handmade border tiles

The tiles pictured above also appear in another recently added category: "1 by 6 inch tiles"


Heron Handmade Tiles and Insects

The heron tiles pictured above are listed in multiple categories, including 3 by 6 inch. The ladybug and caterpillar appear in 3 by 3 inch. (These four designs were previously available in different sizes.)  To peruse the new categories, click "Shop Online" above, then look for these icons:

New Ceramic Handmade Tiles
  1 inch by 6 inch border handmade ceramic tiles