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New Rooster and Bee Tiles Installed

I sent out the first of my new rooster and bee tiles four short days ago, so I am surprised and delighted that I just received pictures of some of them installed. That was fast!

Handmade Bee Tile with Slate Installation 1

This a great tile layout for a kitchen. I love how the slate wall tiles extend onto the counter in stripes. (more pictures below)

Handmade Bee Tile with Slate Installation 2

The cinnamon glaze on the art tiles plays off the reds & browns in the stone.

Handmade Bee Tile with Slate Installation 3

These designs have significance for the homeowners; a rooster and bee are historical symbols of the town in which they live. This local connection makes the installation extra special. Thank you, T.D., for letting us see your one-of-a-kind kitchen!

Top: a close up of the tiles from before they were installed