New Three Inch Tiles

None of these are new designs, but they are all new to the three inch size. Shown above is the 3"x3" butterfly alongside the 2"x2" and 4"x4" butterflies (with my hand in the picture for scale.) Below are all of the new three inch tiles grouped together:

handmade three inch tiles : bat, butterfly, honey bee, frog

Here is a bit of the process of making them:

handmade frog tile in progress

Above is the frog, right after I finished sculpting it. Below is the bat. A customer saw the bat at this phase on my instagram account and told me, "that is one happy bat!" He was not wrong! The bat looks happier in this slightly larger size. Bigger smile, I guess.

handmade bat tile

The plasticine proofs went into the mold form, to get a plaster bath...

making a mold of handmade tiles

The molds turned out nice and crisp; no bubbles!

handmade tile molds

 All four of the new tiles can now be ordered in our online store. Here are links to the product pages:

3"x3" Bat Tile

3"x3" Frog Tile

3"x3" Honey Bee Tile

3"x3" Butterfly Tile

If you enjoy seeing process photos like the ones above, be sure to check out our instagram page. Most of these pictures appeared there first.






, Emily Margaret Ulm

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