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A New Tile Mold in 9 Easy Steps

Thursday night, I sculpted a new tile.  Yesterday I made a plaster cast of that tile so I will be able to reproduce the new design.

Once the plaster dries, I will be able to pack this full of clay and reproduce the original again and again.  You may be wondering what the design on the tile is.  It kinda looks like an abstract, art deco heart.  But that isn't what I had in mind.  Thanks to Photoshop, you can see what a set of four of them together will look like:

four tile set

It is going to be a four tile set which come together to form an 8"x8" version of the popular geometric #1 tile I mentioned in my last post:

geometric 1, 3inches by 3 inches, unglazed, unfired

I can hardly wait to see what the finished set looks like!  I'll post pictures here and in the online store as soon as I can.