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Shiny and New

new tile I started last month is ready! "Spring Blooms," a 4"x8" tile (shown here in leaf green glaze) is now available in the online store.

A few words about the Leaf Green Glaze: It is absolutely one of my favorite glazes. It has a depth and richness that is hard to describe and, unfortunately, even harder to photograph. It is super shiny, the most glossy of the group, and no matter how I try to take good photos of it it always is either too dark or gets glare. In the picture above, I tried to photoshop out the bright spots, but it still does not do the tile or the glaze justice. If you are considering the leaf green glaze, you might consider ordering a glaze sample if you want to get the best sense of what it looks like in person. Or just order tiles, but know that they will look better in person.

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