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Sunflower Fun

I never know when customer installation pictures will show up in my inbox. When they do, opening the files feels like unwrapping a gift! It is so fun to see the creative ways in which people incorporate my tiles into their living space. It was definitely a treat to wake up to this lovely set of photos:

This is actually the second time these tiles have been featured on this blog, the first time they were photographed uninstalled and as part of a montage. It is so great to seem them in their forever home over the sink and in the shower in this sparkling new bathroom!

Ceramic Handmade Tile Bathroom 1

4"x4" Sunflower tiles in Autumn Glaze are at approximately eye level in the shower.

Ceramic Handmade Tile Bathroom 2

2"x2" feild tiles help complete the border. I am very fond of the built in shampoo shelves!

Ceramic Handmade Tile Bathroom 3

Above: close up of the sunflower tiles in the shower.

Ceramic Handmade Tile Bathroom 4

Here is a message from the homeowner about this last image: 

"Just so you know,this first little sunflower all on her own, she doesn't feel lonely, but instead very important to be singled out and placed somewhere so prominent!"

Thanks a million, J.F., I couldn't agree more!!