Ten New Tiles

I have been busy! I just added 10 brand new tiles to my online store. Ok, only one of them is a completely new design, but all ten of them have never before been available in these sizes. I resized many old favorites, including the woodpecker which now comes in the 2"x2" size:

Bird Ceramic Arts and Crafts Handmade Tile

The elm tree can be ordered as a 4"x4" or a 6"x6":

Elm Tree Ceramic Handmade Tile

The mermaid is now available in 4"x4", instead of only 2"x2"

Ceramic Mermaid Handmade Tile

The grasshopper & preying mantis have been shrunk down to 2"x2". The spider is completely new.

The mantis also grew to 4"x4"

Handmade Insect Tiles

My dog tiles used to only come in the 2"x2" size, these puppies are 4"x4":

Ceramic Handmade Dog Tiles

And last but not least, you can now order a mayfly as a 4"x4" tile, not just 2"x2" and 3"x3"

Ceramic Handmade Mayfly Tile

I am pretty excited to start making all the new tiles. If you would like to place an order for any of them, either click the links at the bottom of this blog entry, or visit the "new" section of the website here: http://emutile.com/art-tiles/handmade/catalog/new (they will be the last ones in the section.)  Thank you!

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