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Testing, Testing...

The first test firing of our "new" kiln was a success!

This vintage piece of brick and electronics came to us courtesy of our neighbor, who came across it while helping her mother-in-law clean out her garage.  This kiln had been left there by one of her sons who moved away, and our neighbor thought we might be able to use it.  We gratefully accepted the gift, then proceeded to store it for many moons.  Recently, with the increased volume of orders and and requests for field tiles, it occured to me that another kiln that is almost twice a big either of my existing kilns would be pretty darn useful.  So we hired an electrician to install a big, honkin' wire and plug.  We plugged it in, turned it on, and it WORKED!  I did a low temperature firing today, and it got to temperature and shut off as it should. Sometime in the next week or so, I will attempt a high temperature glaze firing.  If that works, then with my new increased kiln capacity, I will ready (at long last) to add field tiles back to the online store- woo-hoo! I'll post updates here soon!

Ceramic Kiln - the glow of success!

The Warm Glow of Success!