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Three Festive Installations

I am so pleased to share these photos! All three of these projects are by the same family. They mixed different sizes of art tiles in various shades of green, brown and gold with 1"x1" small glass and quartz tiles to great effect. The kitchen island pictured above has a light under the edge of the counter so it looks extra pretty at night. The homeowners say they have received many compliment so far, and I can see why.

They created a similar effect on a smaller scale for their hearth. They used 4"x4" handmade tiles along with more of the 1"x1" glass and quartz tiles to create a focal point between the mantle and the stone fireplace:

handmade tile fireplace multicolored

There were a few tiles left over from the first two projects. Rather than let them go to waste, they used them to make this fun serving tray:

handmade tile serving tray

By using the same tiles, they ensured that it would coordinate perfectly with both the kitchen and living room decor.  This makes it perfect for entertaining. 

Thank you so much to the lovely family who made these projects a reality, and who was kind enough to allow me to share their pictures with you!