Tiles for a "Skyloft"

Oh, how I love installation pictures! And they are even more fun when they include process photos. This customer got her tiles from River Light Gallery in nearby Peninsula and installed them in her former coach house which she calls "Skyloft." It is a fitting name given those skylights! Looks pretty dreamy to me.

handmade tiles installed in the kitchen of a coachhouse

Here are the tiles going up:

handmade tiles being installed over a sink

tiling a kitchen backsplash

A praying mantis, honeybee, caterpillar and dragonfly each make an appearance in this cheery arrangement. 

handmade tile behind a kitchen sink

As you can see, she planned the layout at the gallery before taking them home:

handmade tiles at riverlight gallery in peninsula ohio

Thank you so much, F.R., for including my tiles in your project and for taking time to send pictures! So happy to see this lovely backsplash come together.

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