Tiles made to match stained glass

So pleased that I get to see how great this installation turned out!!

a tastfully decorated room featuring a brick and tile fireplace and stained glass windows

This project was a bit outside my comfort zone. This is the first time I have ever made custom tiles to match stained glass windows! The homeowner sent me a picture of one of the windows next to the fireplace and a drawing of what he wanted the tile to look like:

antique stained glass window

drawing of a proposed handmade tile

And I got to work reproducing the design to the best of my ability.

making a plaster mold of a handmade tile

I am really happy with the results, and more importantly, so is the client!

handmade tile made to simulate stained glass

The homeowner did an impeccable job of restoring this hearth by removing the 1960s facade and repairing the original brick and adding handmade tiles on either side as well as on the floor. Here is what the fireplace looked like before and during the restoration:

fireplace remodel- before

handmade tile fireplace remodel in progress
I am obviously biased, but I think this blend of new and old makes it better than original!

stained glass inspired handmade tile fireplace

Thank you, A.L. for being so great to work with and for taking time to send photos of your project!

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