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Too Early for Sunflowers?

Not at my house! OK, there may not be any giant sunflowers blooming in the yard yet, but that is no reason not to enjoy their likeness indoors.

Top row, right: nine 4"x4" Sunflower tiles in Autumn glaze. They were still warm from the kiln when I took this photo yesterday. Top row, left: detail on a batik table cloth I picked up at the Humane Society rummage sale earlier this spring. It is currently brightening up my dining room.

Bottom row: some plastic sunflower lights that I found at a second hand store here in town a few years back. They look like plastic kitsch in the day light, but at night they give a magical glow to the front porch.

Can you tell I love sunflowers? They always put me in a summery mood, which is why I make my sunflower design as three different sizes of tile. 

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