Warning: These pictures may cause bathroom envy.

At least that is what happened to me when I opened an email and saw this amazing art tile installation.

Every time I open up installation pictures from a customer, it feels like Christmas morning.  Especially when the installation is beautifully done and the pictures are good quality, as is the case with these bathroom pictures from John Ueng-McHale, which feature my 3"x6" vine tiles:

Handmade Tile Border in Subway Tiles

The art tiles make a border which goes all the way around the room.

This bathroom is a classic; I love the old-fashioned subway tiles in white.  And check out the amazing, retro black, white and grey hex tiles on the floor:

 old-fashioned subway tiles in white, retro black, white and grey hex tiles on the floor

I think the art tiles add just the right note of warmth to this room. If I didn't recognize my own tiles, I might think this bathroom was built in 1915 and somehow stayed in mint condition.  Ok, the water saving toilet would also reveal its modernity, but the overall feel of this space is definitely vintage.

Bathroom Handmade Tile Ideas

The installer did a great job.

Ceramic Handmade Flower Border Tiles

I love it!

Bathroom Subways Tile with Hand-Made Tile Borders

Thanks so much to the Ueng-McHale family!!

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