Where to Buy Emu Tiles for the Holidays

Did you miss the deadline to order tiles from our website this year? You can still buy Emu Tiles at a number of "bricks and mortar" retailers while our online store is closed!

Holiday Ceramic Handmade Tiles

some of the tiles recently delivered to McKay Bricker Gallery

If you are near Akron, Ohio, visit Hazel Tree Interiors Holiday Open House today between noon and 8pm. I delivered a nice selection of tiles there yesterday for this event. If you can't make it to the open house, stop by anytime they are open during the holiday season to see a delightful collection of work by local artists.

Holiday Craft Show

photo courtesy of Hazel Tree Interiors

If the Holden Arboretum (Kirtland, OH) is in your neck of the woods, consider checking out their annual "Gifts From the Heart of Nature" show which is going on right now. Definitely worth a vist; there are a ton of neat local products, including an assortment of my tiles.

Also recently restocked with tiles was indigenous, a hancrafted gallery in Cincinati, Ohio...

Fields of Handmade Ceramic Tiles

tiles for indigenous gallery

...and McKay Bricker Gallery right here in Kent, Ohio.

Kent Ohio Handmade Ceramic Tile

Kent tiles for McKay Bricker gallery

If you are looking for a particular tile, you may want to call or email any of these shops to find out what they have, especially if you are going to drive a long way to visit.

Thanks to everyone who is interested in purchasing my work. I look forward to taking your orders through this website again beginning January 16th,  2013. In the meantime, I hope you will support the wonderful small businesses mentioned above.

Happy Holidays, one and all!

(Top photo courtesy of the Holden Arboretum.)

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