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Whooo Likes Owls?

I do! That is why I make my owl design in both the four inch size,

handmade owl tile in blue glaze surround by other handmade tiles

and the smaller two inch size (which is featured at the  very top of this blog entry.) But up until now, all my owls have always faced left. Now, thanks to a request from "European Tile Art" in San Diego, CA, I am making owls that face to the right, as well. I printed out an image of my large owl tile and sculpted him a friend:

handmade owl tile in progress photo

I made a mold of this new owl and have already used it to press a few tiles, which are drying in the studio now. They will be added to the online store once they go through the firing process. I think it will make a nice companion piece to the original, for those who want a pair of owls that face each other.