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Wild Cat Bath

This bathroom features all sorts of wild creatures- including the brand new Mountain Lion tile! Here it is, installed:

handmade mountain lion or cougar tile installed in shower

The mountain lion (also known as a cougar) was a special request from the homeowner who works with the group Predator Defense, and has a special love for wildcats. I don't normally include habitat on my animal tiles, but I felt that a mountain lion really should have a mountain to stand on. The bathroom features a mix of animals in both celadon and autumn glazes, set among two inch and twelve inch field tiles:

wildlife bath montage with handmade tiles installation

I especially love the way this four inch turtle was cut into the surrounding tiles:

Ceramic Handmade Turtle Tile Installation

And just for fun, here are some in progress photos of the tiles before they were grouted:

Ceramic Handmade Tiled Bathroom Pictures

Thanks so much to the lovely lady who sent all of these photos! I had a lot of fun making the cougar tile for you, and I hope you enjoy your new bathroom for many years to come :D

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