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A Cape Cod Bathroom

This may or may not be what is commonly referred to as  "Cape Cod" style house, but I can tell your for sure that it is located in beautiful Cape Cod, Massachusetts; a place that is famous for its salt marshes, pristine beaches and diverse flora and fauna. The local plants and wildlife of the area are reflected in the choice of tiles for this bright and cheery bathroom.

Handmade tile bathroom in cape cod MA

I love the way the homeowner chose to incorporate multicolored handmade tiles into this bathroom. The the lower third of the wall is covered with beadboard wainscoting. At the top of the paneling is a piece of wooden trim, then a row of decorative tiles which is capped with another piece of wooden trim. 

Handmade Tile in a cape cod bathroom

The row of tiles is at the perfect height to make a mini back splash for the sink area, and then the row of tiles continue the rest of the way around the room. 

Handmade tiles in a Cape cod bathroom

 The 4"x4" gray Cardinal tile is the perfect size for this spot!

Handmade tile in a Cape Cod bathroom

Hand thrown pottery from 3 Points Artwork and a wrought iron towel rack keep the handmade theme going throughout the room. All of these special details make this bathroom truly one of a kind.

Thank you so much to J.D.-K. for sharing pictures of you charming bathroom!